When you leave your vehicle with Park4Less, you can feel at ease knowing that our parking lot is secure, well lit, fenced in, gated and monitored to provide protection to your vehicle. Besides, you get to keep the keys of your vehicle.
Our rates are very competitive. In fact we are one of the cheapest, not compromising service and security of your vehicle. Our rates are as follows:
1 - 5 days ...... $9.99 /day
6 or 7 days ....... $59.99 weekly rate
10 days or more ....... $89.99 monthly rate.

We accept, Visa, Mastercard and Debit Cards. Cash and cheques are not accepted.
Park4Less shuttles operate 24 hours a day. Shuttle buses pick-up and drop-off passengers every 15 minutes less.

We are accessible from all major highways. Simply enter our address as 615 Dixon Road, Toronto Ontario, M9W1H7 into your GPS and you would easily get directions to our location. Alternatively, click on the "Directions" link on our website and get detailed driving directions.
You simply park your car, take out your luggage and check-in at our office with information about your vehicle along with your return day details. Our attendant would calculate the applicable parking costs, and after payment, you board our shuttle bus to the airport.
We keep all information confidential and secure. We do not share your information with anyone other than as required by law or unless we have your approval.
Upon your return and after checking out your luggage, call our toll-free number on your parking ticket and we'll let you know where to stand for our shuttle bus to pick you back to the parking lot.

If, for whatever reason you are late than the scheduled returned date and time, we offer you a grace period of 2 hours, after which daily / weekly rates would apply depending on the duration.
No, however if you expect to park more than 30 days you should notify us so that we will not consider your vehicle abandoned. Vehicles parked for over thirty days without proper notification may be towed at the owner's expense.
Should you arrive earlier than the scheduled arrival date, we will refund you the difference according to the days parked.
No. You don't necessarily have to make a reservation online in order to park at our lot. But making an online reservation makes the check-in process faster.
Even though the check-in process is fast and we are a short drive away from the Airport, we still recommend an additional time of 45 minutes as traffic and weather conditions could affect the drive to the airport.
We are a 4 minute drive from the airport. But weather and traffic conditions may increase the drive time.
Our shuttle buses have enough space to move passengers and luggage to and from the airport.